National Alliance of Market Developers

What is NAMD?

The National Alliance of Market Developers is an organization of professionals engaged in marketing, sales, sales promotion, advertising and public relations who are focused on the delivery of goods and services to the minority and urban consumer markets.

Established in 1953 as black marketing specialists networked to search out new ways to cope with the challenges in cultivating the "Black Market," the National Alliance of Market Developers is committed to being a catalyst for positive and progressive change for African-Americans.

To accomplish our goals we create local networking opportunities, provide professional development and form alliances within strategic market segments and the general market. NAMD also provides research data that helps educate consumers and marketers, allowing both audiences to make better market decisions.

Market development is essential and the NAMD represents one of the nation's finest marketing and networking organizations. We assist our members in capitalizing on the inherent opportunities and successfully addressing the challenges of navigating this market.