National Alliance of Market Developers

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop and foster business growth for African-Americans and other ethnic groups by serving as a conduit for learning, teaching and networking for success. We seek to cultivate those aspects of the Black experience that can produce results for both our constituency, community and institutions, both private and public.

Our Goals

The goals of the organization are embodied in a Five Point Plan in which NAMD pledges to:

  1. Serve as a National African-American Consumer Resource.
    Developing and communicating NAMD resources of consumer information, industry skill and expertise in the African-American consumer market
  2. Provide Professional Support to the community.
    Providing training, visibility and networking opportunities for African-American professionals in sales, marketing, public relations and advertising
  3. Support Students through education and guidance programs.
    Serving as a catalyst to promote marketing as a career to African-American students in sales, marketing, public realtions and advertising.
  4. Increase NAMD�s exposure through National Public Affairs.
    Providing nationwide visibility and viability of NAMD in both the consumer and corporate communities
  5. Develop National Liaisons with other Organizations.
    Collaborating on a strategic direction and united focus with other national organizations